[webSAM] 1.3 Release Notes

What's new in webSAM 1.3 Release Date: 24th June, 2021


  • A new + icon has been added to the Order Part Selection screen. This icon allows users to quickly add new part numbers to the Stock listing while creating the purchase order.

  • Job Templates (kits) have been added. Job Templates (also known as Job-Kits or Standard Jobs) are pre-saved set of parts/text/labour that can quickly added to a job, saving you time! For more info see our Job Template KB Article
  • Job Sections are new to webSAM in 1.3, allowing you to separate and subtotal job postings into groups. This is good to break the job down into separate tasks, and for presentation. See more in our Job Section KB Article Here

    Example of Service and Brake work split into seperate job sections:

  • Users with the security role of Administration will now be notified of any Xero batch errors (transactions not posted to Xero).  This notification can be turn off via Setup, Interfaces, Xero Configuration. Select the option below.

  • A Stock Valuation report has been added, enabling you to report on the value of the stock on-hand at a set date.
  • A WIP (Work In Progress) Valuation report has been added, providing a value of the Work In Progress (not yet closed/invoiced jobs) on a set date.
  • We have added a new KPI to the job margins screen displaying Gross Profit Per hour (for the job). This metric can be used when pricing to make sure the correct profit margin and business goals are achieved.

  • A Debtors Aged Trial Balance report has been added to for customers who are not linking webSAM to Xero (if your system is linked to Xero, then you would be getting this info from within Xero). This report displays the customers who owe money and groups these balances into Current, 30 days, 60 days, 90 Days ageing. Clicking on the customers name will display a detailed view of the transactions that make up the outstanding balance.