[webSAM] User Setup

How to add or edit users in SAM

Firstly, just to clarify, you can add as many users as you like to your webSAM setup, however the number of users that can log in to your SAM system at any given time is restricted based on the number of User Licenses under your webSAM subscription.

Click here if you need to add new user licenses to your webSAM subscription.

Free User?! The Time Clock Only user-role does not use up any of your user licenses.... Yes, that means it is a free user!!

They can also log in to webSAM to clock on/off directly from their mobile devices, by heading to https://my.sam.co.nz/sam


To add new users to SAM go to Setup > User Logins

Click on a Name to edit an existing user or the Create New icon to add a new user

Enter in the user's details:

  • Email address - A valid email is required, as the user will be emailed a validation link to click in order to finalise their user account.
  • Name - The user's full name.
  • Mobile (Optional) - User mobile number
  • User Code - usually the first name but can be anything to uniquely identify the user. This code is used throughout the system to record user activity.
  • Password - Must be 8 characters or more, Have Upper and lower case letters, Contain at least one number.
  • Technician - A user can be linked to a technician, this changes the filters on some screens and adds the option to timeclock within a job. For more info see this KB on Technician users
  • Role - The user's security settings within the system. Click here to read more about User Roles.


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