[webSAM] Sending Booking Reminders

How to reduce no shows and keep the work rolling in

No shows are the worst - they increase idle-time and destroy productivity. Assuming the customer still needs the work done, they will no doubt want it done soon, which can be a scheduling nightmare... so let SAM help reduce your no shows using Booking Reminders!


As shown in the screenshot below, just head to Reports > Marketing Reports > Workshop Job Booking Reminder Report


Then you will see a list of jobs for tomorrow - so you can print these Job Cards, or send booking reminders to all the customers associated with these jobs. If you like to send out reminders with more than just a day's notice, you can use the filter bar up the top to select other time periods.


On the left-hand column are tick boxes where you can "tag" (select) which jobs you want to print/send reminders for.

Or you can select a bunch in one go by clicking the Tag button at the bottom of the screen.


Once you have the desired jobs tagged, use the buttons on the bottom right to proceed.

Excel Export - Export the list of selected jobs to an Excel file

Print - Yep, as advertised, this means printing the Job Cards

SMS - This will display a list of customers with a mobile phone number and a preview of the message that will be sent. When you're ready, click Send on the bottom right to send.

Delayed SMS - You can schedule SMS booking reminder messages in advance, using the 'Delayed' tick-box at the bottom of this screen, then specify the date and time you want them sent, before clicking the Send button

Email - This displays a list of customers with an email. At the bottom left of the screen, you have an option to choose the appropriate Template message to be sent. When ready, simply click Send on the bottom right.

SMS or email template: To set up or edit your SMS or email templates, go to Setup and select Templates under the System heading.



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