[webSAM] Job Templates

How to set up sets of text, labour and parts that can be quickly added to jobs?

Job Templates are standard jobs (text, Labour, Parts, Orders) that are repeated within the business. A job template can easily be added to a job and save you a lot of time. Here's how...

Initial Setup

Go to Setup > Maintenance > Job Templates then select the + icon to create a new job template:

This will open the Job Template set up screen:

Template Details

Fill in the fields in the Template Details section as required, noting that a Sort Code and Description are required.

Template Details - Options to note:
Summarise on Invoice: When selected the job template will only display the description and subtotal on the printed/emailed invoice. Un-selected and the job template displays all postings
Lock Price: When selected the parts loaded onto the kit will not be repriced when the template is posted onto a job. When un-selected the customer on the job, price level determines the part charges.

Template Postings

Now add the labour, parts and or text to the Job Template by clicking the + icon in the Template Postings section.

Note: A Parts Order type posting will automatically create a purchase order when the template is added to a job.

Using Job Templates

The templates are used within jobs, as a way to quickly load postings onto the job.

Select the + Icon in the Job  and select Job Template

A selection screen will now display, find and select the template you require and click Add to Job to load it into the transaction:

Clicking on the template Sort Code will open a new screen displaying the template details


Job templates are added to the job as a new Job Section:

Job Sections can be edited; to read more on Job Sections, click here!


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