[webSAM] Invoicing customers

Pre-invoicing 3 point check, follow-ups, and the invoice

Great - you've created a job and you've added parts and labour - now let's invoice the customer and get some 💰. Wait... nearly forgot our pre-invoicing 3 point check.

Pre-invoicing 3 point check

  1. Take another look at the parts & labour on the job card - in case you (or your technician) forgot to add a part or something.
  2. Check your Margins - This little button is probably one of the most valued and appreciated feature among our users. If the margin % for each job is aligned with your business goals, you will finish the year with more money in your pocket, just like you planned.
    1. Simply click the Margins icon at the bottom of the Invoice Posting section.
    2. This displays the following window, where you can compare, line by line, the margin % and dollar values of all parts and labour to be charged on the current job.
    3. Adjust your pricing to match the desired margin.
  3. Let the customer know the job is done, and the vehicle is ready for pick up. This could either be a call or you can make use of the SMS messaging within the SAM job screen.
    1. To send an SMS message, click the Message icon beside the customers mobile phone number at the top of the job card:
    2. You'll see this screen and you can type and send your message:

SMS message: To sends SMS messages, you need to purchased the SMS add-on first. Once you've activated the SMS add-on, you can also set up SMS templates so you don't need to type out standard notifications like "your car is ready" every time.


To process the invoice, click the Invoice icon at the bottom of the Invoice Postings section:

Next, you'll see the Followups screen, which helps you to see/record all the issues your customers need to look into in the future. So click New Followup if you like repeat business!

If you haven't created any follow-up codes when you first set up the system, just go to Setup, look for Maintenance then select Followup Codes. If you've already set up the Followup Codes you wanted, then filling this out should be pretty self-explanatory.

With followups out of the way, you can click Invoice to proceed to the following screen, where you can Print or Email the invoice to the customer.

Now you can either click Close - the debt of this invoice will be sitting on the customer's account waiting for payment; or if the customer is standing in front of you ready to pay, just click the Payment button and collect their money.


With invoicing done, you might want to:


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