[webSAM] How to Set Up Internal Customers

How to set up internal customers in webSAM, for tracking costs of work against internal vehicles/fleets.

If you're using webSAM to track internal jobs and track costing against your own vehicles, you will need to create an Internal customer.

You may wish to simply set up a single Internal customer, for example, a workshop doing mostly external customer jobs may set up an Internal in the name of their own business for work done on their loan cars or company cars.

Alternatively, you could set up multiple internal customers depending on how you want to split out the GL / costing. For example, if you run a large fleet, you might set up individual internal customers, with their own GL coding based on different drivers, fleet managers, locations, or fleet categories.


The most important step when setting this up, is to remember to select the Account Type of Internal (1) and if you are using Xero, select the appropriate Xero GL code (2) for jobs assigned to this Internal customer.

This is done in the bottom section of the Customer Maintenance screen, when creating a new customer:


Important Note: These settings can only be chosen when a new customer account is first created, the Account Type cannot be edited for existing customers.


Within this same section you can also change the Price Level to Internal if you plan on setting up different pricing against your products for goods sold to Internal customers (when editing products you will see there is a field to define the price for Internal customers).

Similarly, on the Customer Maintenance screen, you can set the Labour Cat (category) as Internal, and this will link this customer to the Internal Labour Category. Pricing for the Internal labour category can be set up in the Setup section of webSAM under  Maintenance > Labour Categories:



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