[webSAM] Creating Purchase Orders

How to add a new purchase order for stock items, jobs and expenses.

We can't reiterate enough the value of doing purchase orders; they help you ensure stock coming in is always charged on customer jobs, it keeps your stock figures in order, when linked with Xero it will tie into the management of your creditor invoices and payments; and most importantly it helps make maintaining healthy profit margins fit in smoothly to your everyday operations.

To add a new purchase order navigate to Workshop then select Orders.


Then click the plus icon in the top right corner to select Create New order


You will be prompted to select the supplier that you want to order parts from and once selected, the New Order screen will display:

new order-1

Fill in any relevant fields in the top section (such as a suppliers reference number, or notes regarding the order) then click Create Order in the bottom right corner.

The Order Postings section will now appear where you can start adding items to the order.

Clicking the plus icon in the Order Postings section allows you to choose to add select which type of item you want to add to the order:add new posting-1

Different order types:

  • Job Order - Use this to order parts for a specific job (you can also create an order from within the Job Maintenance Screen for the same purpose).
  • Stock Order - For ordering parts that you intend to hold in stock
  • Expense Order - For adding extra charges on orders, such as freight etc.

NOTE: Outwork and procured items can only be added to orders created from within a job


new oder part selection-1

Find and click on the part that needs to be ordered then click Select.

Fill/adjust the details (such as cost price) and click Save (example below is a Job Order with additional fields to specify what you will charge the customer for the part(s) being ordered for their job):

workshop order detail-1

Continue this process until you have added all the relevant parts and expenses, when you're done update the Order Status:

order status-1

...then click Save & Exit

save and exit-1

When you mouse over the Save & Exit button you will also see the additional options such as Cancel, or Delete Order. We'll be covering the 'Save & Finalise' option in the article for Receiving & Finalising Purchase Orders.


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