[webSAM] Charging freight to your customer

Ordered a part and need to charge the freight to your customer? Here's how:

If you have not already, you will need to set up a FREIGHT part in your stock file.

Here is an example of a Freight part that we usually set up:

  1. the Part Number is set to FREIGHT
  2. The price you may charge can vary however we recommend you put the price you usually sell it for (you can manually adjust it when you add the part to an order)
  3. It's important that you tick the SUNDRY check-box, a Sundry part is a non stocked part which means you do not need to order it in. 


To charge a customer for freight you will need to open the purchase order in Workshop > Orders, select the order you want to add the freight to and then under Order Postings select the + icon and then Job Order in the next screen search for the job you need to add the freight charge to and then click Select. 

Search and then select your FREIGHT part, in the next screen adjust the cost and sale price if required and then hit Save:

Once the part you've ordered has arrived you can receive both that part and the FREIGHT.

The lines will appear on the job and are ready to be invoiced to the customer

If you need to brush up, here's a couple of handy links related to this topic:

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